HR Tools

 Model Job Descriptions for an Overtime-Exempt Account Manager & an Overtime-Exempt Recruiter (.pdf)

 Developed in response to the new overtime rules, this legal resource contains model job descriptions for an Account Manager-Overtime Exempt and Recruiter-Overtime Exempt.


 The Department of Labor’s New White Collar Salary Requirement: Challenges and Choices for Staffing Employers (.pdf)

 This paper discusses the options available to staffing employers in response to the Department of Labor overtime exemption regulations going into effect on December 1, 2016, with emphasis on key staffing occupations.


 The Overtime Rules for Computer Employees Under Federal and State Law (.pdf)

 Commissioned by TechServe for its members, this guide is the first comprehensive 50-state analysis of the overtime rules for computer employees. It is important that you leverage the knowledge from this guide to ensure your overtime calculations are correct and you are not at risk.


 Why Sign the TechServe Alliance Independent Contractor Agreement? (.pdf)

 This document explains to potential consultants why it is important to sign the independent contractor agreement.