TechServe Alliance Businesses Services: The Assurance You Deserve
You are a successful business owner or executive, but chances are that you are not an insurance expert nor should you be. Yet maintaining an effective insurance program is critical to the financial security of your business. You need some trusted help and guidance. That is why TechServe Alliance created a suite of sponsored business services. Since initially launching its business insurance for staffing firms in 2004 through TechServe Alliance Services Corp., TechServe has created a number of other sponsored programs to meet the insurance and financial services needs of member companies and their affiliated professionals.

TechServe Alliance Services Corp. is not like the typical profit–driven insurance service provider. TechServe Alliance Services Corp. as a subsidiary of TechServe Alliance, is committed to ensuring members receive the very best in service and insurance protection through an elite group of insurance companies. TechServe Alliance Services Corp. is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of TechServe Alliance owners and executives. The goal is to make sure that our members are well served and cost effectively insured as opposed to simply generating as many premium dollars as possible. That is a core difference with TechServe Alliance Sponsored Programs.